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Spanish TV Presenter/ Reporter/ Journalist & Event Host

My career started at 17 with visits to the local radio station in my hometown of Lucena, Córdoba (the South Spain), were I watched the radio presenters work every day. I was fascinated with their roles, I couldn’t stop watch them working and wanted to be involved. I eventually began collaborating with a few programmes and before not too long, I had my own music programme. It was at that stage that I realised what I wanted to become.

I later decided to move to the wonderful city of Granada to complete a media course and by the age of 20, I was presenting the news for a Local TV station in Guadix, Granada, where I lived for two years. I loved every moment of presenting, however, I was still quite young and felt that I needed more studying, so I decided that to prepare for my future, I would carry on with my studies which led to the completion of a degree in HND Creative Media Production in Granada.

I then worked in Spain for a few TV channels and media production companies for a few years until the situation in Spain started to be more and more difficult with the unemployment crisis – it made me think about my life, future and ambitions which led me to make the most difficult decision of my life, to separate from my home country, family and friends and move abroad.

The destination I found myself in was non other than the historical city of Liverpool, where I fell in love with the people instantly, although maybe not their accents, as well as the city’s love for football and it’s world-famous football teams – Liverpool Football Club in particular.

Without being able to speak a word of English, nor Scouse, I started my new adventure. I realised that as soon as I master the English language, my life would improve dramatically. I soon began working in a Spanish restaurant for a while, whilst attending an English school to help improve my language.

Following that, years of hard work allowed me to graduate with a BA Tourism and Leisure Management from Liverpool John Moores University. Feeling confident with the language after my degree, I completed a masters in International Journalism and rapidly started doing freelance jobs within the media in the UK.

I have since presented a number of TV shows in Spanish and English, collaborating with sports media companies such as AS, Marca, LFC TV and FTB Pro as a freelance reporter and presenter.

Recently, I have performed a number of interviews, in both English and Spanish, with a number of high profile clients such as the footballers Pepe Reina, Dani Pacheco, Luis Garcia, Iago Aspas as well as the Spanish journalist Guillem Balague.

I am really passionate about continuing my development within the UK media, hoping to eventually achieve my dream job.



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